Knitted Novelty Easter Egg Hat

Unleash your inner Easter enthusiast with our charming and whimsical Eggcellent Easter Hat! Crafted with love and care, this delightful headpiece is unlike any other. Made from soft, high-quality yarn, this knitted novelty Easter egg hat is the perfect accessory to add a touch of festive cheer to your Easter celebrations. With its vibrant colors and intricate detailing, it's bound to turn heads and bring smiles! This unique knitted novelty Easter egg hat is a true masterpiece. 


DK yarn - you only need a small amount, around 3g - any colour will be suitable

3.5mm needles (or similar)


Cast on 24sts

Rows 1 – 4: Knit

Row 5: Knit

Row 6: Purl

Row 7: Knit

Row 8: Purl

Row 9: Knit

Row 10: Purl

Row 11: *K4, k2tog, rep from * to end (20sts)

Row 12: Purl

Row 13: Knit

Row 14: Purl

Row 15: *K3, k2tog, rep from * to end (16sts)

Row 16: Purl

Row 17: Knit

Row 18: Purl

Row 19: *K2, k2tog, rep from * to end (12sts)

Row 20: Purl

Row 21: Knit

Row 22: Purl

Row 23: *K1, k2tog, rep from * to end (8sts)

Row 24: Purl

Row 25: Knit

Row 26: Purl

Row 27: Knit

Row 28: Purl

Row 29: *K2tog, rep from * to end (4sts)

Row 30: Purl

Row 31: Knit

Row 32: Purl

Repeat the last 2 rows 6 times more

Row 45: K2tog, k2tog

Row 46: K2tog

Fasten off

To complete: Fold in half lengthways with right sides together, and join by seaming from the cast on edge up for around 3½”. Turn right side out pushing the 'tail' through - and tie a knot near the end. Bend down the top third.

I have filled each little hat with a Cadbury's Creme Egg

You could put a little hat on a boiled egg, for Easter fun.

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