Knitted Lace Socks

Crafted with intricate patterns and delicate stitches, these elegant lace socks are a true work of art. The fine yarn used in their creation gives them a soft and luxurious feel, making them a joy to wear. The intricate lace design adds a touch of sophistication and femininity to any outfit, whether paired with heels for a night out or with cozy slippers for a relaxing evening at home. These knitted lace socks are not only stylish but also practical, providing warmth and comfort without sacrificing style.

Materials:Wool yarn 100m/50g 1 ball. 

5 Sock Needles: 3 (3.25 mm) OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE


2 k, 2p

Row 1-2: * 2 k, 2 p,*, repeat from * to *
Row 3: *k2t (knit 2 st together), yo,* repeat from * to *
Rows 4-5-6: * 2 k, 2 p,*, repeat from * to *
Row 7: *yo, k2t*, repeat from * to *
Row 8: * 2 k, 2 p,*, repeat from * to *


Cast on 40 st, divide 10 sts per needle
Join and knit rib for 10 rows
Continue with lace pattern for 36 rows.

Short-Row Heel
On 20 sts (2 needles) knit back andforth with stocking stitch. Knit 1 stitch short of the end of the row until 20% of the stitches remain unwoorked. hen start to knit one more stitch on each row until all stitches are worked. There are should be the same amount of stitches (20 sts).

Knit stocking stitch on 2 needles, where heel was knitted and lace pattern on other 2 needles for 28 rows.

Continue stocking stitch
Decrease 1 st at the end of each needle until 1 st on each needle remains.
Cast off


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