Knitted Reversible Cabled Mega Scarf

Imagine a luxurious scarf that is not only warm and cozy but also stylish and versatile. Picture a handcrafted masterpiece made from soft, high-quality yarn that has been expertly knitted into a reversible design. This scarf features intricate cable patterns that add texture and visual interest, making it a standout accessory for any outfit. This mega scarf is not your average winter accessory - it is a statement piece that will elevate your cold-weather wardrobe. With its generous length and width, you can wrap it around your neck multiple times for extra warmth or drape it over your shoulders like a shawl for a chic look. The reversible design allows you to switch up your style effortlessly, whether you prefer a classic cable knit pattern or a more modern twist. Stay cozy and fashionable all season long with this Knitted Reversible Cabled Mega Scarf.

- 1 skein Magnum Paints (100% Peruvian Highland Wool - 123 yards/250 g) - shown in 9735 - Gems
- US 17 needles (use US 19 if you tend to knit on the tight side)
- Cable Needle
- Yarn Needle

- K - Knit
- P - Purl
- C4FRib – Slip 4 stitches to CN, Hold in front; [K1, P1] x 2; [K1, P1] x 2 from CN
- C4BRib – Slip 4 stitches to CN, Hold in back; [K1, P1] x 2; [K1, P1] x 2 from CN

Cast on 16 stitches
K1, P1 for 2 rows

Start Pattern:

1 - K1, P1, C4FRib, [K1, P1] x 3
2 - 4 - K1, P1
5 - [K1, P1] x 3, C4BRib, K1, P1
6-10 - K1, P1
Continue until almost desired length.
1 - K1, P1, C4FRib, [K1, P1] x 3
2 - 3 - K1, P1

Bind off loosely.
Weave in ends.

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