Knitted Eye Mask

Picture a cozy eye mask made from soft, woven fabric that gently covers your eyes, blocking out any unwanted light and helping you drift off into a peaceful sleep. This eye mask is carefully crafted with intricate knitting techniques, creating a snug and comfortable fit that molds perfectly to the contours of your face. The soothing texture of the knitted material feels gentle against your skin, providing a luxurious experience as you relax and unwind. The intricate patterns and designs woven into the fabric add a touch of elegance and style to this essential sleep accessory. Whether you're traveling, taking a nap, or simply trying to get a good night's rest, this knitted eye mask is the perfect companion to help you block out distractions and achieve a restful slumber. 

Materials & Tools

  • A pair of 2.75-mm needles
  • 1 yarn cake of The Mineral Series merino wool (fingering weight)
  • 1 bag of ground flax seed
  • A small piece of cotton
  • Some scrap yarn to embroider the eyes 

Size: 25 cm long by 9 cm wide
Tension: stocking stitch, 24 st x 34 rows, 10cm square

Here we have used Red Earth and Lapis Lazuli merino wool

For the eyes Graphite or Burnt Amber


  • k: knit
  • k2tog: knit two together
  • inc: increase
  • p: purl
  • psso: pass slipped stitch over
  • RS: right side
  • sl1k: slip one stitch knitwise
  • st: stitch
  • tbl: through the back of loop
  • WR: wrong side row

The Directions

Using 2.25-mm needles cast on 47 sts

ROW1: WS k23, p1, k23
ROW2: k23, sl1k, k23

Repeat rows 1&2 twice more

ROW3: WS k3, p to last 3 sts, k3
ROW4: k23, sl1k, k23

Repeat rows 3&4 until work measures 5 cm from cast on edge ending with row 3

ROW5: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k18, sl1k, k18, k2tog, k3
ROW6: k3, p to last 3 sts, k3
ROW7: k3, (k19, sl1k, k19) k3
ROW8: As row 6
ROW9: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k17, sl1k,k17,k2tog, k3
ROW10: As row6
ROW11: k3, (k18, sl1k, k18), k3
ROW12: As row6
ROW13: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k16, sl1k, k16, k2tog, k3
ROW14: As row6
ROW15: k3, (k17,sl1k,k17), k3
ROW16: As row6
ROW17: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k15, sl1k, k15, k2tog, k3
ROW18: As row6
ROW19: k3, (k16, sl1k, k16), k3
ROW20: As row6
ROW21: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k14, sl1k, k14, k2tog, k3
ROW22: As row6
ROW23: k3, (k15, sl1k, k15), k3
ROW24: As row6
ROW25: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k13, sl1k, k13, k2tog, k3
ROW26: As row6
ROW27: k3, (k14, sl1k, k14), k3
ROW28: As row6
ROW29: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k12, sl1k, k12, k2tog, k3
ROW30: As row6
ROW 31: k3, (k13, sl1k, k13), k3
ROW 32: As row6
ROW 33: k3, sl1k, k1, psso, k11, sl1k, k11, k2tog, k3
ROW 34: As row6
ROW 35: k4, (p1, k1) 5 times, k1, sl1k, k2, (p1,k1) 5 times, k3

Repeat rows 34 & 35 three more times and row 34 once more

ROW 36: RS k3, inc, k11, sl1k, k11, inc, k3
ROW 37: As row6
ROW 38: k3, (k13, sl1k, k13), k3
ROW 39: As row6
ROW 40: k3, inc, k12, sl1k, k12, inc, k3
ROW 41: As row6
ROW 42: k3, (k14, sl1k, k14), k3
ROW 43: As row6
ROW 44: k3, inc, k13, sl1k, k13, inc, k3
ROW 45: As row6
ROW 46: k3, (k15, sl1k, k15), k3
ROW 47: As row6
ROW 48: k3, inc, k14, sl1k, k14, inc, k3
ROW 49: As row6
ROW 50: k3, (k16, sl1k, k16), k3
ROW 51: As row6
ROW 52: k3, inc, k15, sl1k, k15, inc, k3
ROW 53: As row6
ROW 54: k3, (k17, sl1k, k17), k3
ROW 55: As row6
ROW 56: k3, inc, k16, sl1k, k16, inc, k3
ROW 57: As row6
ROW 58: k3, (k18, sl1k, k18), k3
ROW 59: As row6
ROW 60: k3, inc, k17, sl1k, k17, inc, k3
ROW 61: As row6
ROW 62: k3, (k19, sl1k, k19), k3
ROW 63: As row6
ROW 64: k3, inc, k18, sl1k, k18, inc, k3
ROW 65: As row6
ROW 66: k3, (k20, sl1k, k20), k3

Continue with rows 65 and 66 until work measures the same as the opposite side, excluding garter stitch border (approximately 12 cm from outside edge of central band) and ending with row 66.

ROW 67: k23, p1, k23
ROW 68: k23, sl1k, k23

Repeat rows 67 and 68 two more times.
Cast off.

To make up
Fold the mask lengthwise along the central line formed by slipped stitches, Pin sleeping eye templates in place approx. 2 cm from the outer edge of central band. Using a chain stitch and following the line of each template create the sleeping eye. Add four lashed evenly spaced, approx. every 5th link on the sleeping eye chain.

Using the mask template and 1 cm seam allowance, make a cotton pouch to hold the flax seed. Press the mask lightly and sew the flax seed pouch inside the mask using a mattress stitch.

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