Knitted Ridge Scarf

Imagine a cozy scarf that has been carefully crafted with a unique design that adds texture and style to your winter wardrobe. This handcrafted accessory features a beautiful ridge pattern that not only provides warmth but also adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The intricate knitting technique used to create this scarf ensures durability and comfort, making it the perfect accessory for chilly days. Whether you're running errands or attending a special event, this scarf is sure to keep you looking chic and feeling cozy.


1 pair of 6mm Needles
300g Chunky Wool. This scarf shown was knitted with Chunky Lite Yarn.
6mm Crochet hook


To make scarf:
Using 6mm needles, cast on 48 stitches
Row 1 [K4, P4] repeat to end
Row 2 [K4, P4] repeat to end
Row 3 [K4, P4] repeat to end
Row 4 [K4, P4] repeat to end
Row 5 [K4, P4] repeat to end
Row 6 [P4, K4] repeat to end
These six rows form the pattern, continue working these two rows until work measures 150cm (59 inches) long or desired length. Cast Off in pattern.

To make Up:
Secure the ends of the wool. Using a 6mm crochet hook and a single strand of yarn, create a slip knot and attach it to the bottom of the scarf with a single crochet stitch, using single crochet stitches work along the first 4 stitches of pattern. Work 5 loops and attach using a single crochet stitch to the last stitch in the next bar of the pattern. Continue alternating between crocheting along the bars and creating a loop until you reach the end of the work. Repeat on opposite side of scar, to create 6 loops along both edges of scarf.
Make 12 tassels of approximately 15cm in length and attach onto the loops. For this scarf I used the long side of a DVD box to prepare the tassels and wrapped the wool around the box 10 times for each tassel. Secure firmly to the crocheted loops. 

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