Knitted Float Flutter Fly Scarf

Introducing the Knitted Float Flutter Fly Scarf, a truly unique accessory that will add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any outfit. This scarf is not your ordinary piece of knitwear - it is a work of art that combines the softness of a scarf with the delicate beauty of fluttering butterflies. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Knitted Float Flutter Fly Scarf features a blend of high-quality yarns that create a luxurious and cozy feel against your skin. The scarf is expertly knitted to create a lightweight and airy texture, allowing it to gracefully float and flutter with every movement. 

Yarn: Berroco Folio (65% Superfine Alpaca, 35% Rayon; 219 yards [200 meters]/50 grams); #4563 Napa Valley - 2 skeins

Needles: Straight needles in size US 5

Notions: Tapestry needle

Gauge: 22 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette

And now, it's time to make a scarf! With that in mind, cast on 37 stitches loosely. Then we'll get straight to our pattern, which you'll find below. Note that it's a-okay to pull your yarn tight behind your 5 slipped stitches; this will help form that little ridge in the middle of the scarf.

Row 1 (wrong side): purl

Row 2: p1, k15, slip 5 with yarn in back (sl5 wyib), k15, p1
Row 3: k1, p35, k1
Row 4: p2, k14, sl5 wyib, k14, p2
Row 5: k2, p33, k2
Row 6: p3, k13, sl5 wyib, k13, p3
Row 7: k3, p31, k3
Row 8: p4, k12, sl5 wyib, k12, p4
Row 9: k4, p29, k4
Row 10: p5, k11, sl5 wyib, k11, p5
Row 11: k5, p27, k5
Row 12: p6, k10, sl5 wyib, k10, p6
Row 13: k6, p25, k6
Row 14: p7, k9, sl5 wyib, k9, p7
Row 15: k7, p23, k7
Row 16: p8, k8, sl5 wyib, k8, p8
Row 17: k8, p21, k8

Row 18: p9, k7, sl5 wyib, k7, p9

Row 19: k9, p19, k9

Row 20: p10, k6, sl5 wyib, k6, p10

Row 21: k10, p17, k10

Row 22: p11, k5, sl5 wyib, k5, p11

Row 23: k11, p15, k11

Row 24: p12, k4, sl5 wyib, k4, p12

Row 25: k12, p13, k12

Row 26: p13, k3, sl5 wyib, k3, p13

Row 27: k13, p11, k13

Row 28: p14, k2, sl5 wyib, k2, p14

Row 29: k14, p9, k14

Row 30: p15, k1, sl5 wyib, k1, p15

Row 31: k15, p7, k15

Row 32: p16, sl5 wyib, p16

Row 33: k16, p5, k16

Row 34: k16, sl5 wyib, k16

Knit rows 1 - 34 until scarf measures a minimum of 48" and you've just finished row 34 of the pattern (I recommend 48" as a minimum, but you're welcome to make it as long as you want! It will stretch some during blocking, but not substantially). Bind off loosely, tuck in ends, and block.

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