Knitted Pinwheel Dishcloth

The Knitted Pinwheel Dishcloth is a delightful and practical addition to any kitchen. Its unique design adds a touch of whimsy to your daily tasks, making dishwashing feel a bit more fun. Not only does this dishcloth look charming with its pinwheel pattern, but it is also highly functional. The knitted fabric is gentle on dishes, yet sturdy enough to handle tough cleaning. Whether you're drying dishes or wiping down countertops, this dishcloth is a reliable companion. Plus, its handmade quality gives it a personal touch that makes it a great gift for friends and family. Embrace the joy of everyday chores with the Knitted Pinwheel Dishcloth by your side.

11½" diameter

16 sts=4" in St st

25 grams worsted weight cream yarn (Color A)
25 grams worsted weight variegated yarn in shades of brown (Color B)
(Both yarns seen in pattern are discontinued. Color A was Tahki Chelsea Silk and Color B was Noro Cotton Iroha)
Size 8 US (5 mm) needles
Tapestry needle

The pinwheel is knit in 6 sections, each joined together.With A, CO 23 sts.

Row 1 (WS): With A, Sl 1 wyib, k to end
Row 2: With B, k to last 2 sts, wrap and turn as follows:
Sl 1 wyib, move working yarn to front of work, turn, k the slipped st.
K to end.
Row 3: With A, k to last 3 sts, wrap and turn, k to end.
Row 4: With B, k to last 4 sts, wrap and turn, k to end.
Cont in this manner, changing colors and knitting one less st before turning until you have have completed the row where you will k to last 3 sts, wrap and turn, k to end with B.

Preparation Row For Next Section
This takes some manipulation. It is easier to knit the sts together if the strand is placed behind the next st but if it is in front you will still be able to knit the sts together and cannot really see the difference.With A, k3, *insert right needle into strand that wraps the next st, lift up the strand and place on left needle behind the first st on left needle, k2tog tbl the strand and the stitch; rep from *, end k1Rep 5 more times, beginning with Row 1 and ending with preparation row each time.

Do NOT BO. Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Thread tail through tapestry needle. Weave tail through first st on needle and remove from needle and through first st on CO edge. Cont in this manner. Weave in ends on WS. Block.

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