Knitted Christmas Tree Dishcloth

The Knitted Christmas Tree Dishcloth is a cozy and festive addition to your holiday kitchen essentials. This charming dishcloth features a delightful Christmas tree pattern that brings a touch of seasonal cheer to your home. Its soft texture makes it gentle on your dishes while effectively cleaning up spills and messes with ease. Whether you're washing dishes after a delicious holiday meal or simply decorating your kitchen with a festive touch, this knitted dishcloth adds a warm and welcoming vibe to your space. Treat yourself or gift it to a friend as a thoughtful and practical way to spread some holiday joy this season.

This pattern knits up as a holiday dish or face cloth if knit with a cotton or delicate yarn. Use a bulky yarn for a hot pad. Enlarge the surrounding purl area for a dish towel. Knit the background in red instead of green utilizing intarsia.The motif is 16 sts by 32 rows.Use any worsted weight yarn and needles appropriate to the yarn. It was knit at 4 stitches to the inch but gauge is not vital. Both sides look nice; if you use the side where the tree is knit in stockinette, it appears raised.

CO 25 st.
Row 1: k1, p1 to end; end k1.
Row 2: Rep Row 1.
Row 3: k1, p1, k across; end p1, k1.
Row 4: k1, p1, p across; end p1, k1.
Row 5: Rep Row 3.
Row 6: k1, p10, k3, p10, k1.
Row 7: k1, p1, k9, p3, k9; end p1, k1.
Row 8: Rept Row 6.
Row 9: Rep Row 7.
Row 10: k1, p4, k15, p4, k1.
Row 11: k1, p1, k3, p15, k3; end p1, k1.
Row 12: Rep Row 10.
Row 13: Rep Row 11.
Row l4: k1, p5, k13, p5, k1.
Row 15: k1, p1, k4, p13, k4; end p1, k1.
Row 16: Rep Row 14.
Row 17: Rep Row 15.
Row 18: k1, p6, k11, p6, k1.
Row 19: k1, p1, k5, p11, k5; end p1, k1.
Row 20: Rep Row 18.
Row 21: Rep Row 19.
Row 22: k1, p7, k9, p7, k1.
Row 23: k1, p1, k6, p9, k6; end p1, k1.
Row 24: Rep Row 22.
Row 25: Rep Row 23.
Row 26: k1, p8, k7, p8, k1.
Row 27: k1, p1, k7, p7, k7; end, p1, k1.
Row 28: Rep Row 26.
Row 29: Rep Row 27.
Row 30: k1, p9, k5, p9, k1.
Row 31: k1, p1, k8, p5, k8; end p1, k1.
Row 32: Rep Row 30.
Row 33: Repeat row 31.
Row 34: k1, p10, k3, p10, k1.
Row 35: k1, p1, k9, p3, k9; end p1, k1.
Row 36: k1, p11, k1, p11, k1.
Row 37: k1, p1, k10, p1, k10; end p1, k1.
Row 38: k1, p1, p across; end p1, k1.
Row 39: k1, p1, k across; end p1, k1.
Row 40: Rep Row 38.
Row 41: Rep Row 1.
Row 42: Rep Row 1.

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