Knitted Baby Hat

Knitted baby hats are not only adorable but also incredibly practical for keeping your little one warm and cozy. These charming accessories come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect one to match your baby's personality. The soft, gentle material of a knitted baby hat ensures comfort and protection for delicate heads, making it a must-have item for any new parent. Whether you opt for a classic design or a funky, modern twist, one thing is for sure - your baby will look irresistibly cute in their knitted baby hat. So, why not add a touch of charm and warmth to your baby's wardrobe with a knitted baby hat today?

28 sts=4" over k2, p2 rib unstretched
Size 7 (US) straight needles
Large eye blunt tapestry needle
one skein Bunny Hop from Crystal Palace Yarns
50 % micro acrylic, 42% micro nylon, 8% rabbit angora
113 yds/50 grams
Fits babies 3-6 months

Instructions:NOTE: To change sizes always make sure stitches are divisible by 4 + 2.Cast on 50 sts. Work 4 rows of k2, p2 ribbing (Row 1 to Row 4).Row 5: k6, (p2, k2) to within 6 sts of end, k6.
Row 6: p6, (k2, p2) to within 6 sts of end, p6.
Row 7: same as row 5.
Row 8: k8, (p2, k2) to within 8 sts of end, k8.
Row 9: p8, (k2, p2) to within 8 sts of end, p8.
Row 10: same as row 8.
Row 11: k10, (p2, k2) to within 10 sts of end, k10.
Row 12: p10, (k2, p2) to within 10 sts of end, p10.
Row 13: same as row 11.
Row 14: k12, (p2, k2) to within 12 sts of end, k12.Continue in this manner until there are no (k2, p2) sts left and you are totally working in bands of k and p. Knit across once. Bind off.Fold this bound off edge in half against itself and sew to form pointed bonnet.

Tie Band:
Cast on 6 sts.
k2, (p1, k1 twice)
Cont for 26 inches.
Center this band along original CO edge and sew to bonnet. Put on baby's head and get out your camera!

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