Knitted Elf Doll

The Knitted Elf Doll is a delightful and whimsical creation that will capture the hearts of young and old alike! With its sweet, button eyes and rosy cheeks, this tiny elf is dressed in a festive red hat and coat, complete with a matching belt and tiny shoes. The soft, cuddly yarn and intricate stitching make it a joy to hold and snuggle, while the small size makes it easy to display on a shelf or mantle as a holiday decoration. With a gentle smile and mischievous twinkle in its eye, this knitted elf doll is sure to bring joy and magic to your holiday season.

Skill level: Easy

Size: approx. 6-1/2" tall

Materials: 100 yds. worsted wt. yarn – red (e.g., Plymouth Encore) Few yards white + length of black yarn for face details Size 4 dpns Tapestry needle for weaving in ends Fiberfill stuffing

Gauge: not critical for this project, but knit somewhat tightly to make a solidfabric that will keep stuffing contained

Terms/Abbreviations: beginning (beg), bind off (BO), cast on (CO), decrease (dec), increase (inc), knit (K), purl (P), repeat (rep), round (rnd), stitch (st)

Pattern notes: You may stuff the doll as you go or wait till just before the final decrease rounds. You’ll be knitting in the round, making the cap first, then turning cap upside down, picking up stitches from inside the rolled brim, and continuing downward through head and body, ending with decreases to close up the lower edge.


Cap: With red and size 4 dpn, CO 20 sts. Join and knit 10 rounds. 1st decrease rnd: K3, K2tog around (16 sts) Knit 2 rounds even. 2nd decrease rnd: K2, K2tog around (12 sts) Knit 2 rounds even. 3rd decrease rnd: K2 tog around (6 sts) Knit 2 rounds even.

Cut yarn, leaving a 6" tail, gather stitches together, pull tightly and secure. (Throughout the doll, you can push all yarn ends to the inside. They will be held in place by the stuffing.) Head and Body: Turn cap upside down. You will see that the brim has rolled naturally. Using white yarn, pick up from inside brim of cap one loop of each stitch around cap (I picked up stitches from inside of round 3). Continue to pick up one stitch for each stitch on cap so that you end up with 20 stitches (it’s o.k. to fudge a bit here to come out with 20 sts, but pick them up evenly around inside of cap). Continuing with white, knit 10 rounds. 1st decrease round: K3, K2tog around (16 sts) Knit 1 round. 2nd decrease round: K2, K2tog around (12 sts)

Cut white, leaving a 6" tail (stuff tail inside head after the next couple rounds are done). Attach red and knit 1 round. 1st increase round: Knit in front and back of every stitch around (24 sts) Knit 10 rounds even. 2nd increase round: *K4, knit in front and back of next stitch, rep from * around, end K4 (28 sts). Knit 8 rounds even. NOTE: If you haven't been stuffing doll as you go, now is the time. With stitches still on the needles, stuff from tip of cap on down head and body, fairly firmly but not too hard. When you’re done knitting, you will squish and shape the doll. Now begin decreasing for bottom closing: 1st decrease round: *K3, K2tog, repeat from * around, end K3 (23 sts) Knit 1 round even. 2nd decrease round: *K2, K2tog, repeat from * around, end K3 (18 sts) Knit 1 round even. 3rd decrease round: *K2tog, K1, rep from * around (12 sts) Knit 1 round even. Leaving an 8" tail, cut yarn, gather stitches off needles, pull tightly to close hole, secure end into stuffing. Mold and shape it a bit, and decide where you want to place the facial features. With black yarn, duplicate stitch two eyes on face. For mouth, place one red duplicate stitch centered between and 2 rows below eyes. Secure all ends into stuffing inside doll.

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