Knitted Mitered Coaster

A clever and functional accessory for any coffee table or coffee lover! The Knitted Mitered Coaster is a charming project that combines the precision of knitting with the practicality of a coaster. This coaster features a clever mitered design that provides stability and protection for your surfaces. The neat and tidy stitches create a visually appealing design that adds a touch of handmade charm to any room. Perfect for protecting your furniture from water marks and spills, this coaster is also a thoughtful gift for friends and family who love to entertain.

Gauge: 4 st per inch on size US # 8 needle (5mm) in garter stitch

Finished measurement: 4.5" x 4.5"


1. A ball of variegated yarn in worsted weight (or left over yarn). Cotton work best for a coaster that is used for cold drink because it absorb water best.

2. Knitting needle US size # 8 (5mm)

3. A stitch marker

4. Tapestry needle


CO 36 sts.

Row 1 (wrong side): K 18, PM (place marker), K to end of row.

Row 2 (right side): Knit to 2 sts before marker, k2tog through back loop (or slip slip knit if preferred), slip marker, k2tog, k to end of row.

Row 3: Knit.

Repeat row 2 and 3 until you have 2 sts left.

Next row: Slip 1, k1, psso. Cut yarn and end off (pull the last st until whole tail of the yarn go through the loop. Use tapestry needle to weave all ends behind work. Block if you want to.

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