Knitted Colorful Placemat in Ridged Eyelet Borders

A vibrant and stylish addition to any table setting! The Knitted Colorful Placemat in Ridged Eyelet Borders is a show-stopping project that combines bold color combinations with intricate texture and design. This placemat features a striking ridged eyelet border that adds visual interest and depth to the vibrant colors. The result is a unique and eye-catching piece that adds a pop of personality to any table setting. Perfect for special occasions or everyday use, this placemat is sure to impress with its beauty and functionality.

Finish Measurement: 12 ½ inches x 17 ½ inches

Yarn Gauge: 4 sts per inch on US # 8 (5mm) knitting needle


- 100% worsted weight Handicrafter Cotton Yarn by Bernat

cotton yarn by Bernat. It will take about 50 gm of main color and little bit of contrasting color to make one placemat. The yarn I bought came in 400 gm/14 oz per ball and that enough for me to make 8 placemats easily. I'm working on my second placemat as we speak.

- 5mm knitting needle (US# 8)


With MC (main color), cast on (CO) 75 stitches. K 4 rows ending with wrong side row.

Next row (right side): K.

Next row : K3, P to the last 3 sts, P3.

Cut MC yarn leaving 6 inches tail and begin Ridged Eyelet Border pattern row 1-6 below with CC (contrast color)

Ridged Eyelet Border pattern:

**Row 1 - 3: K.

Row 4: K 3, *P2tog, yrn (yarn round needle); rep from * to the last 4 sts, k 4.

Row 5 – 6 : K.

Cut CC yarn off leaving 6 inches tail.

Next row (right side): With MC, knit 1 row.

Next row: K3, P to the last 3 sts, K 3.

Change to CC color yarn and make another Ridged Eyelet Border pattern from row 1-6.***

Change to MC and work in stockinette sts (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) and keeping the first 3 sts and the last 3 sts in garter sts (knit every row). Continue until piece is measured 6.5 inches from the 2rd eyelet pattern. Ending with the wrong side row.

Next row (right side): Change to CC and work from ** to *** once more.

Next row : Change to MC and K one row.

Next row: K3, P to the last 3 sts, K3. Then K 5 more rows. Bind off loosely. With tapestry needle, weave all loose ends behind work. Block piece if needed.

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