Knitted Kids Bucket Hat

 Introducing the Knitted Kids Bucket Hat, a trendy and stylish accessory that will keep your little ones looking adorable while protecting them from the sun. Crafted with love and care, this hat is made from high-quality knitted fabric that is soft and comfortable against your child's delicate skin. The bucket hat design provides excellent coverage, shielding their face, neck, and ears from harmful UV rays. Whether they're playing at the beach, exploring the park, or simply enjoying a sunny day outdoors, this hat is the perfect companion to keep them cool and stylish. With its durable construction and adjustable chin strap, you can rest assured that the hat will stay securely in place, even during active play. Upgrade your child's summer wardrobe with the Knitted Kids Bucket Hat and let them shine with confidence and style!

Yarn: Lion Brand Comfy Cotton in Ocean Breeze
Needles: Size US 6 straight knitting needles, Size US 6 circular knitting needles, 15 inch
Gauge: 20 sts = 4 inches
Size: 2-3 years, 4-5 years

Pattern instructions:

With larger circular needle, cast on 80 (90) sts. Place marker for beginning of round, join to work in rounds. Knit every round until the piece measures 2 3/4 (3) inches.

Shape Crown(Switch to double pointed needles when needed)
Round 1: *K8, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—72 (81) sts.
Round 2 and all even numbered rounds: Knit.
Round 3: *K7, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—64 (72) sts.
Round 5: *K6, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—56 (63) sts.
Round 7: *K5, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—48 (54) sts.
Round 9: *K4, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—40 (45) sts.
Round 11: *K3, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—32 (36) sts.
Round 13: *K2, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—24 (27) sts.
Round 15: *K1, k2tog tbl; repeat from * around—16 (18) sts.
Round 17: *K2tog; repeat from * around—8 (9) sts.
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through stitches of last round and pull to close opening. Secure end.

With straight needles, cast on 12 sts.
Knit every row until the brim fits around the circumference of hat with no excess. Bind off. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Sew ends of brim together.


With Right Sides together, sew cast-on edge of hat and the brim together. Weave in the loose ends.

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