Knitted Unexpected Find Wrap

Discover a surprising treasure in a cozy knitted wrap. Uncover an unexpected gem hidden within the intricate stitches of a handcrafted masterpiece. The warmth of the wrap envelops you as you stumble upon a small, hidden pocket containing a mysterious object. As you unravel the layers of the knitted fabric, you are met with a sense of excitement and curiosity. The unexpected find adds a touch of intrigue to the already charming wrap, making it not just a piece of clothing, but a story waiting to be told. Embrace the element of surprise and let the knitted wrap become a symbol of serendipity and wonder.

Yarn: K + C Element Yarn (50 grams each) in Colorway: Pink (Any other worsted weight cotton or cotton blend yarn can be substituted for this yarn)
Knitting Needles: US #8 circular needle
Gauge: 14 stitches/ 4 inches after blocking

  • K: Knit
  • P: Purl
  • RS: right side
  • WS: wrong side
  • Kfb: Knit front and back (knit one stitch first in the front and then knit the same stitch in the back before slipping it off the left needle)
  • K2tog: Knit two stitches together on the left needle
  • K tbl: knit through the back loop
  • pm: place marker
  • rm: remove marker
  • sm: slip marker
  • S1: slip yarn purlwise
  • yo: yarn over – bring the working yarn under and over the right needle clockwise and to the back before knitting the next stitch
  • yo backward: for bind off only – knit one stitch then wrap the working yarn anticlockwise over and under the right hand knitting needle bringing the yarn to the back before knitting the next stitch
  • BE: abbreviation for the Seed Stitch Border Edge Pattern* (see below)

The Unexpected Find Wrap Pattern**

*Seed Stitch Border Edge Pattern (BE):
Row 1 (RS): K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1 (7 stitches)
Row 2 (WS): K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1 (7 stitches)

Cast on 7 stitches with US #8 circular knitting needles

  • Row 1 (RS): Kfb, [P1,K1] 2x, P1, Kfb
  • Row 2 (WS): [P1,K1] 4x, P1
  • Row 3: Kfb, [K1,P1] 3x, K1, Kfb
  • Row 4: [K1,P1] 5x, K1
  • Row 5: Kfb, [P1,K1] 4x, P1, Kfb
  • Row 6: [P1,K1] 6x, P1
  • Row 7: Kfb, [K1,P1] 5x, K1, Kfb
  • Row 8: [K1,P1] 7x, K1
  • Row 9: Kfb, [P1,K1] 6x, K1, Kfb
  • Row 10: [P1,K1] 8x, P1
  • Row 11: Kfb, [K1,P1] 7x, K1, Kfb
  • Row 12: [K1,P1] 9x, K1
  • Row 13 (RS): BE, pm, yo, K5, yo, pm, BE
  • Row 14 (WS): BE, sm, K1, K tbl, [yo, S1, K1] 2x, K1, sm, BE
  • Row 15 (RS): BE, sm, yo, K1, [K1, K2tog] 2x, K2, yo, sm, BE
  • Row 16 (WS): BE, sm, K1, K tbl, [yo, S1, K1] till 1 stitch before marker, K1, sm, BE
  • Row 17 (RS): BE, sm, yo, K1, [K1, K2tog] till 2 stitches before marker, K2, yo, sm, BE

[Repeat Rows 16 and 17] till there is a total of 215 stitches on the needle ending with the RS side row.

Bind Off Row (WS): K1, yo backward, K1, pass the yo and first knit stitch on the right hand needle over the second knit stitch on the right hand needle. 

This wrap used about 250 grams of yarn.

Weave in ends, wash and block the wrap.

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