Knitted Dog Hat

Step up your pet's fashion game with our brand new Cozy Canine Cap! This trendy accessory is the perfect way to keep your beloved dog warm and stylish during those chilly winter months. Made from high-quality, soft knitted fabric, this hat is designed to provide maximum comfort and warmth for your furry friend. The Cozy Canine Cap comes in a variety of vibrant colors and adorable patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect style that matches your dog's personality. Whether you prefer a classic solid color or a fun and playful pattern, we have something for every pup. The hat is expertly crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a snug fit that won't slip off during playtime or walks in the park. Not only does the Cozy Canine Cap keep your dog warm, but it also adds a touch of charm to their overall look. Imagine your furry companion strutting their stuff with this fashionable accessory, turning heads wherever they go. It's not just a hat, it's a statement piece that showcases your pet's unique style and personality.


  • U.S. 9/5.5 mm 16" circular needles OR (4) double-pointed needle
  • U.S. 9/5.5 mm straight needles
  • 1 ball of Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium
  • Something to hold stitches on (scrap piece of yarn, spare double-pointed needle or different size straight needle)
  • Darning Needle
  • Pom Pom Maker (optional; I used cardboard or you could forgo the pom pom)


  1. Circumference of the head (this tells you the circumference of the hat brim)
  2. Distance from forehead to ears (this tells you how long the brim of the hat should be)
  3. Forehead to back of neck (this tells you how long the middle portion should be)
  4. Forehead to center of head (this tells you how long the front of the hat should be)
  5. Back of neck to center of head (this tells you how long the backof the hat should be)
  6. Width between ears (this tells you how long to make the front portion)
  7. Depth of ears (front to back of ears, should be a small measurement)


  1. Cast on using the circlular or double pointed needles the appropriate number of stitches that will give you the circumference of the head.
  2. Knit brim of hat (I did 1x1 ribbing). This should be as long as measurement #2.
  3. Based on measurement #6, knit across the next row. Then cast off enough stitches to make room for the ear based on measurment #7. Knit across the back of the hat until you have the number of stitches remaining to make room for the other ear and cast of remaining stitches.
  4. Put stitches for the back of the hat on hold.
  5. Using the straight needles, knit the front of the hat based on measurement #4 using stockinette stitch (remember to measure from the cast on row). Once desired length is reached, put these stitches on hold.
  6. Knit the back of the hat using straight needles and stockinette stitch based on measurement #5.
  7. Before going further, it may be useful to measure the front and back together to make sure it matches measurement #2.
  8. In order to seam the front and back of the hat, I grafted the two sides. However, if you're okay with a seam, I think a 3 needle bind off would also be appropriate.
  9. In order to make the ear flaps, I picked up stitches from the cast on row below the ear holes. On each row I decreased one stitch until I was left with two. I then did an icord in order to be able to tie the hat under the chin. I just knitted the ear flaps in stockinette, but a ribbing would have looked good as well.
  10. Lastly, make the pom pom if desired.
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