Knitted Drawstring Earbud Pouch

This adorable accessory is the perfect solution to keep your earbuds tangle-free and protected. Crafted with love and care, this pouch is made from soft, high-quality yarn that not only adds a touch of charm but also ensures durability. The knitted texture of the pouch adds a cozy and stylish touch, making it a fashionable accessory to carry around. Whether you're heading to the gym, traveling, or simply want to keep your earbuds safe in your bag, this pouch is a must-have item for any music lover. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have the Knitted Drawstring Earbud Pouch to add a touch of charm and convenience to your everyday life?


  • Needles: 3.25 mm/US 3 double-pointed needles (4)
  • Yarn: worsted or dk yarn (light yarn); 10-15 yards in total
  • Tapestry Needles

Gauge: 6 sts x 7 rows = 1” (in stockinette stitch)


Sts = stitches

K = knit

P = purl

K2tog = knit 2 sts together

*...* = repeat between * until end of the round

Color A = color for ribbing at the top

Color B = color for body


Cast-on 36 sts in Color A to join in the round.

Row 1-6: * k2, p2 *

Row 7: switch to Color B and knit all

Row 8-25: knit all

Row 26: *k2, k2tog*

Row 27: knit all

Row 28: *k1, k2tog*

Row 29: knit all

Row 30: *k2tog*

Row 31: knit all

Break yarn and pull through remaining sts. Weave in ends

Cut a piece of Color B to weave in through the middle row of the ribbing to create the drawstring.

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