Knitted Tulips and Vase

Crafted with love and attention to detail, the Knitted Tulips and Vase set is a delightful addition to any home decor. Each tulip is meticulously hand-knitted, showcasing the intricate patterns and vibrant colors that make them truly unique. The soft texture of the yarn adds a cozy touch, making these tulips perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your living room, brighten up your office space, or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift, the Knitted Tulips and Vase set is sure to impress. With their handmade craftsmanship and attention to detail, these knitted tulips bring a touch of nature indoors, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of flowers all year round.


  • Yarn: anything between fine and medium weight (I used all scrap yarn for this)
  • Needles: 4 double-pointed needles size 3.25mm (US 3) and 4.0mm (US 6)
  • tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Wire (I bought 18 gauge aluminum wire at Home Depot)


Sts = stitches

K = knit

P = purl

Kbf = Knit back and front of stitch

Kfb = knit front and back of stitch

Rs = right side

Ws = wrong side

P2tog = purl two together

K2tog = knit two together

C8b = put 4 sts on cable needle and hold in back, knit next 4 sts, knit 4 sts on cable needle

*...* = repeat between the *

Tulip Pattern:

Cast on 6 sts onto 3.25mm needles. I found it easiest to hold them on 2 needles.


Knit 6 sts in the round until the stem reaches desired length. I did between 35-40 rounds or between 4-5 inches.

When the stem reaches desired length:

Next row: pbf (or pfb, I find pbf easier) all 6 stitches so that you now have 12 sts.

At this point it is best to move the sts between 3 needles.

Next rows: knit 3 rows

Outside Bulb:

Switch to flower color

Row 1: * Kfb, K2, Kfb * (18sts)

Row 2: knit all

Row 3: * 2Kfb, p2, Kfb * (30 sts)

Row 4: knit all

Row 5-10: knit all

Row 11: * K2tog, K, K2tog* (24 sts)

Row 12: knit all

At this time we will work each petal separately. Each needle holds one petal with three petals in total. Each petal should have 8 sts. Repeat this next section 3 times, once for each petal. Be sure to cut yarn at the end of each petal with 3-4 inches to spare as this will be used later on.

Row 11(rs): k2tog, k4, k2tog (6sts)

Row 12 (ws): purl all

Row 13 (rs): k2tog, k2, k2tog (4sts)

Row 14: (ws): bind off in pattern (purl)

Inner Bulb:

Cast on 12 sts between 3 size 3.25mm needles. Purl in the round.

Row 1: * Kbf, K2, Kbf * (18 sts)

Row 2: knit all

Row 3: * Kbf, K4, Kbf * (24 sts)

Row 4: knit all

Row 5 -10: knit all

Row 11: * K2tog, K4, K2tog * (18sts)

Row 12: knit purl all

At this point we will make individual petals again. There should be 1 petal on each needle with 4 sts per petal. This will be repeated 3 times, once for each petal.

Row 13: *p2tog, p2, p2tog * (4 sts)

Row 14 (ws): purl all

Row 15 (rs): k2tog, k2tog (2 sts)

Row 16 (ws): bind off in pattern (purl)


  1. Weave in loose ends so that they meet at the base of the bulbs.
  2. Flip the outer bulb inside out.
  3. Using the yarn that has been weaved in, tie the outer bulb to the inner bulb.
  4. Flip outer bulb right side in.
  5. Weave in any other lose strings. I find it easiest to put them into the stem if possible.
  6. Insert wire into the stem to provide some stability.


Cast on 48 sts between 3 double pointed needles size 4.0mm.

Row 1: knit all in the round

Row 2: knit all

Row 3: knit all

Row 4: * k4, c8b, k4 *

Repeat rows 1-4 until desired length. I did 32 rows.

Row 33 (or next row): purl all

Row 34: * k2tog, k2 *

Row 35: knit all

Row 36: * k2tog, k1 *

Row 37: knit all

Row 38: k2tog all

Row 39: knit all

Cut the yarn and bind off by pulling yarn through remaining sts.

I also inserted wire into the vase to provide some stability.

Place tulips in the vase and enjoy!

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