Knitted Milestones Blanket

Celebrate your baby's growth and development with a beautifully crafted Milestones Blanket made from soft, cozy knitted material. Each milestone, from the first smile to the first steps, can be captured on this special blanket, creating a unique keepsake that you and your little one can cherish for years to come. The intricate knit design adds a touch of elegance to the blanket, making it not only a practical item but also a stylish addition to your nursery decor. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a new parent or wanting to create a special memento for your own child, the Knitted Milestones Blanket is the perfect choice. The high-quality knit ensures durability and comfort, while the neutral color scheme makes it suitable for both boys and girls. With each passing milestone, you can mark the occasion by snapping a photo on the blanket, creating a visual timeline of your baby's growth that you can look back on with fond memories. Make every moment count with the Knitted Milestones Blanket. 

- 4 skeins Pacific Chunky Color Wave (60% Acrylic/40% Superwash Merino Wool - 120 yds/100 g) - shown in color 407 (Desert)
- US 10 needles
- Yarn Needle

K - Knit
P - Purl
Gauge & Measurments:
26" x 26"
3.75 = 1" in stitch pattern

Cast on 98 stitches
K for 6 rows
Begin pattern:

Rows 1/3/5 - K6, *[P2, K2] - repeat until last 4 stitches, K4

Rows 2/4/6 - K4, P2, *[K2, P2]- repeat until last 4 stitches, K4

Rows 7/9/11 - K4, P2, *[K2, P2]- repeat until last 4 stitches, K4

Rows 8/10/12 - K6, *[P2, K2]- repeat until last 4 stitches, K4

Continue rows 1-12 until almost desired legnth.

K for 6 rows

Bind off

Weave in ends.

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