Knitted Linen Stitch Gift Bag

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this handmade linen stitch gift bag is a unique and thoughtful way to present a special gift to a loved one. The intricate knitted design adds a touch of elegance and charm to the bag, making it not only a practical way to package a gift, but also a beautiful keepsake that can be used again and again. The linen stitch pattern creates a sturdy and durable bag that can hold a variety of items, from small trinkets to larger presents. Handmade gifts are always appreciated for the time and effort that goes into creating them, and this gift bag is sure to be a hit with anyone lucky enough to receive it. Make your gift stand out with this one-of-a-kind knitted linen stitch gift bag that shows you care enough to give something truly special.

Materials needed:

  • Yarn
  • I have made these with size 6 and size 8 needles

Cast on 20

Row1-2: slip one, knit

Row3: slip one, k2tog, *yo, k2tog*

Row 4-5: knit

Start linen stitch

Row 6: slip 1, *with yarn in front, slip 1, knit* repeat until the end

Row 7: Slip one, purl

Row 8 slip one, *knit, with yarn in front, slip 1* repeat, knit the last stitch

Row 9: Repeat row 7

Repeat row 6-9 until you have about 10 inches. End on Row 6 or 8.

Final five rows

Row1-2: slip one, knit

Row3: slip one, k2tog, *yo, k2tog*

Row 4-5: knit, cast off the last row.

Sew up the sides. If you want a flat bottom, stop a few stitches off the bottom, flatten it out and sew that part out.

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