Knitted Scrappy Baby Hat

Get ready to fall in love with our charming patchwork baby beanie! This delightful hat is expertly handcrafted using a variety of colorful and soft knitted scraps, resulting in a unique and eye-catching design. Each hat is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, carefully pieced together with love and attention to detail. The combination of different textures and patterns creates a playful and whimsical look that is sure to make your little one stand out in the crowd. Not only is this hat absolutely adorable, but it is also incredibly cozy and comfortable for your precious bundle of joy. The soft and stretchy knitted fabric gently hugs your baby's head, providing warmth and protection during those chilly days. The beanie is designed to fit snugly, ensuring that it stays in place and keeps your little one's head nice and toasty. The high-quality craftsmanship guarantees durability, so this hat can be treasured and passed down through generations.

Size: 0-3 months

Height: 14cm

Width: 29cm circumference


  • Approx 20 g of Dk yarn in left overs
  • 4 mm needles

Change colours randomly at start of row even if there is only enough yarn for a couple of rows

cast on 64 stitches

Knit 8 rows in knit 2, purl 2 rib

Continue in stocking g stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl)

Repeat 11 times (joining new colours at beginning of a row)

(30 rows from cast on edge)

Shape Crown

Row 1: *k6, k2tog* repeat to end (56 st.)

Row 2 and alt rows - knit

Row 3: *k5, k2tog* repeat to end (48 st.)

Row 5: *k4, k2tog* repeat to end (40 st.)

Row 7: *k3, k2tog* repeat to end (32 st.)

Row 9: *k2, k2tog* repeat to end (24 st.)

Row 11: *k1, k2tog* repeat to end (16 st.)

Row 13: *k2tog* repeat to end (8 st.)

cut yarn long enough to thread through the remaining stitches and sew up seam.

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