Knitted Hex-A-Cloth

The Hex-A-Cloth is a unique piece of fabric that has been intricately knitted to create a stunning hexagonal pattern. Each hexagon is carefully crafted to interlock with the others, forming a beautiful and intricate design that is both visually appealing and functional. The texture of the knitted fabric adds depth and dimension to the overall look, making it a versatile piece that can be used in a variety of ways. This knitted Hex-A-Cloth is not only a stylish accessory but also a practical one. The intricate design of the hexagons allows for air to flow through the fabric, making it breathable and lightweight. This makes it perfect for use as a table runner, a decorative throw, or even a cozy blanket. The craftsmanship that goes into creating each Hex-A-Cloth ensures that it is a high-quality and durable piece that will last for years to come.

Materials: 1 ball worsted weight cotton yarn, size 4mm needles. I used Sugar'n Cream - Key Lime Pie for this cloth. I was given the yarn in the Spring Fling swap, thanks so much Andrea.

Cast on 18 stitches.
This cloth is made up of 6 wedges, all exactly the same. Basically when you come to the end of a wedge, knit another wedge using the stitches on the needle. Each wedge should start with 18 stitches. Then the edge is sewn together, the threads are sewn in and the cloth is complete. :)

Every wedge:
Row 1 and all odd rows: K across to last 3 stitches, P3.
Row 2: K to last st (17), turn.
Row 4: K to last 2 sts (16), turn.
Row 6: K to last 3 sts (15), turn.
Row 8: K to last 4 sts (14), turn.
Row 10: K to last 5 sts (13), turn.
Row 12: K to last 6 sts (12), turn.
Row 14: K to last 7 sts (11), turn.
Row 16: K to last 8 sts (10), turn.
Row 18: K to last 9 sts (9), turn.
Row 20: K to last 10 sts (8), turn.
Row 22: K to last 11 sts (7), turn.
Row 24: K to last 12 sts (6), turn.
Row 26: K to last 13 sts (5), turn.
Row 28: K to last 14 sts (4), turn.
Row 30: K across the row.

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