Knitted Lollipop Beanie

Imagine a cozy winter accessory that combines the warmth of a beanie with the whimsy of a lollipop. This unique piece is crafted with intricate knitting techniques, resulting in a playful design that is sure to turn heads. The Knitted Lollipop Beanie features a vibrant swirl pattern reminiscent of a classic lollipop, adding a fun and colorful touch to any outfit. Made with soft and durable yarn, this beanie is not only stylish but also practical for keeping you warm during chilly days. The attention to detail in the knitting process ensures that each beanie is of high quality and built to last. Whether you're hitting the slopes or simply running errands around town, the Knitted Lollipop Beanie is the perfect accessory to add a touch of fun to your winter wardrobe.

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted (100% Merino Wool; 210 yards [192 meters]/100 grams); #12 Very Berry – one skein

Needles: one 16" circular needle in size US 8, one 16" circular needle in size US 9, one set of double pointed needles (dpns), also in size 9, and one cable needle (cn)
Notions: Tapestry needle, stitch marker

Gauge: 16 stitches = 4 inches on size US 9 needles in stockinette

So let's make a hat then! Using your size US 8 needles, cast on 80 stitches loosely, place marker, and join in round. Then we'll work the ribbing as follows:

Ribbing Row: * k1, p1; rep from *

Knit this ribbing row until piece measures roughly 2". Transfer work to your size US 9 circular needle, and then we'll knit one transition row, as follows:

Transition Row: * k1, p1, k1, (k1, p1, k1) in next stitch, k1, p1, k1, kfb * (110 stitches)

Knit this transition row, and then we'll begin the main pattern. To do it, you'll need the following notation:

cable twist (ct): slip next 6 stitches to cn and hold in back; k3; then, slip first 3 stitches from cn back on left-hand needle and move cn to front of work; k3, k3 from cn 

And once you've gotten that straight, proceed like so:

Rows 1 & 2: * k9, p2 *

Row 3: * ct, p2, k9, p2 *

Rows 4 - 8: * k9, p2 *

Row 9: * k9, p2, ct, p2 *

Row 10 - 12: * k9, p2 *

Knit rows 1 - 12 four times and then knit rows 1 - 8 again. Transfer work to your dpns. Then we'll move to the decrease, as follows:

Decrease Row 1: * k9, p2, slip next 6 stitches to cn and hold in back; k3tog; then, slip first 3 stitches from cn back on left-hand needle and move cn to front of work; k3tog, k3tog from cn, p2 * (80 stitches)

Decrease Row 2: * k2tog * (40 stitches)

Decrease Row 3: * k2tog * (20 stitches)

Decrease Row 4: * k2tog * (10 stitches)

Knit decrease rows 1 - 4. Clip yarn tail, thread through remaining 10 stitches, and pull tight. Thread to inside of hat and knot. If desired, make pompom and affix to top of hat. Block, if you're in the mood, and pray for cold weather so you can wear it soon! :)

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