Knitted Mini Gift Purses

Create your own collection of charming mini gift purses that are handcrafted with love. These adorable knitted pouches are perfect for holding small trinkets, jewelry, or even gift cards. Each purse is carefully made using high-quality yarn in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any occasion. Whether you're gifting them to friends or using them as party favors, these mini purses are sure to delight anyone who receives them. Handmade with attention to detail, these knitted mini gift purses are a thoughtful and unique way to show someone you care. These mini purses are a fun and creative way to package small gifts, making them stand out and adding an extra element of surprise. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just starting out, creating these mini gift purses is a rewarding and enjoyable project that allows you to express your creativity and spread joy to others.

This version is knitted flat - then joined at the sides

Mini Gift Bag ~ Knitted Flat

Width ~ 3” Height ~ 3”

DK ( 8-ply) yarn 4mm needles

Cast on 15sts

Knit 3 rows

Purl 1 row

Knit 2 rows

7th Row: *K2tog, yrn, repeat from * to last st, k1

Knit 2 rows

Purl 1 row

Knit 2 rows

Repeat last 6 rows 6 times more

Knit 1 row

Cast off knitwise

Handle ~

Cast on 33sts

Cast off

Sew up the side seams. Attach the handle. Darn away ends.

Add a pretty button, appliqué , ribbon bow or motif if desired.

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