Knitted Gnome Coaster

Step into a world of whimsy and enchantment with our delightful Gnome Coaster. Crafted with love and care, this coaster is not just an ordinary accessory for your table, but a true work of art. Made from the finest quality knitted fabric, it exudes warmth and coziness, adding a touch of magic to any space. The intricate details of the gnome's hat, beard, and rosy cheeks are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you set your cup down. Whether you're enjoying a hot cup of tea or a refreshing glass of lemonade, this coaster will protect your surfaces while infusing your home with a sense of wonder. Whether you're hosting a tea party or simply enjoying a quiet moment with a book, this coaster will add a touch of magic to your experience. Let the gnome's mischievous smile and twinkling eyes inspire your creativity and bring a sense of joy to your everyday life. 

Materials needed:

  • Oddments of green red and white dk yarn
  • 4 mm needles

Begin at the bottom with the beard cast on 4 stitches

Knit 1 row

Next and every row: knit 2, knit into front and back of next stitch, knit to end

Repeat until 22 stitches on needle

Knit 4 rows

Next row : change to pink, knit to end

Next row: knit 3, purl to last 3 stitches, knit 3

Repeat these 2 rows 3 more times

Change to red

Knit 4 rows

change to green

Knit 2 rows

Next row: knit 2, s1, knit 1, p.s.s.o. Knit to end

Repeat last row until 4 stitches remain

Next row: knit 2 tog, twice

Next row: knit 2 tog

Fasten off

Stitch eyes and nose

Weave in loose ends

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