Knitted Along The Line Shawl

Crafted with care and precision, the Line Shawl features intricate knitting along its edges, creating a beautiful and unique design that is sure to catch the eye. The delicate stitches run along the length of the shawl, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating this piece is evident in every stitch, making it a truly special accessory to add to your wardrobe. The soft, high-quality yarn used in the knitting process ensures that the shawl is not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. Perfect for adding a pop of color or texture to any outfit, the Line Shawl is a must-have piece for anyone who appreciates the artistry and beauty of hand-knit accessories.


Length at upper border: 69 inches/175 cm

Depth at center: 16.5 inches/42 cm


SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock Mini-Skeins (80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon; 105 yards [96 meter]/28 grams) “Party of Five” Rusted color pack with 1 mini-skein of each: Birch, Silver, Slate, Charcoal, and Auburn

Colors used in the pattern:

C1: Birch

C2: Silver

C3: Slate

C4: Charcoal

C5: Auburn


Size US 7 (4.5 mm): at least 24”/80 cm circular


Tapestry needle; blocking supplies


19 sts and 29 rows = 4” [10 cm] in St st after wet blocking.

Gauge is not critical but a different gauge will affect yarn requirements and finished size.


Standard abbreviations.

LH left hand

RH right hand

Pattern Notes

The shawl is worked on the bias from the right tip to the left bottom side.

On every RS row, one stitch is increased at beginning of row (along the top edge), and one stitch is decreased at end of row (along bottom right side). On every WS row, one stitch is increased at end of row (along the top edge). As a result, for every two rows, the number of stitches is increased by one stitch.

The single rows in contrasting colors are made by working all but first and last stitches an extra time. No increase or decrease is thus made on this extra row. The slipped edge stitches span over three rows instead of the usual two rows.

Extra WS row (creates a one row stripe of another color): With color indicated, sl1p wyf, p until 1 st rem, sl1p wyf.

Push all the stitches back on the circular needle, change back to previous color, and cont with a WS row in basic pattern.

Extra RS row (creates a one row stripe of another color): With color indicated, sl1p wyb, k until 1 st rem, sl1p wyb.

Push all the stitches back on the circular needle, change back to previous color, and cont in basic pattern beg with a RS row.

A lot of color changes means a lot of ends to weave in – do it as you go.

Shawl Instructions

With C1, CO 3 sts using the long-tail cast on method.

Setup Row 1 (RS): Kfb, k2tog; 3 sts.

Setup Row 2 (WS): Sl1p wyf, pfb, sl1p wyf; 4 sts.

Setup Row 3 (RS): Kfb, k1, k2tog; 4 sts.

Setup Row 4 (WS): Sl1p wyf, p1, pfb, sl1p wyf; 5 sts.

Cont working the shawl with slip stitch edges, increasing 1 st every WS row:

RS row: Kfb, k until 2 sts rem, k2tog; no change to st cnt.

WS row: Sl1p wyf, p until 2 sts rem, pfb, sl1p wyf; 1 st increased.

These 2 rows set the basic pattern.

Work in basic pattern until number of sts is 30. The number of rows worked from CO is 54.

Row 55 (RS): Kfb, k until 2 sts rem, k2tog.

Without breaking C1 yarn, work an extra WS row with no increase in color C5, as follows:

Row 56 (WS): With C5, sl1p wyf, p until 1 st rem, sl1p wyf.

Push all sts back on needle to work a WS row again, now in basic pattern, using color C1, as follows:

Row 57 (WS): With C1, sl1p wyf, p until 2 sts rem, pfb, sl1p wyf; 31 sts.

Cont working in the following color sequence:

C1: 23 rows Row 58 (RS) to row 80 (RS)

C4: 1 extra WS row Row 81 (extra WS)

C1: 19 rows Row 82 (WS) to row 100 (WS)

C3: 2 rows Row 101 (RS) to row 102 (WS)

C1: 14 rows Row 103 (RS) to row 116 (WS)

C2: 2 rows Row 117 (RS) to row 118 (WS)

C1: 4 rows Row 119 (RS) to row 122 (WS)

C2: 18 rows Row 123 (RS) to row 140 (WS)

C4: 2 rows Row 141 (RS) to row 142 (WS)

C2: 18 rows Row 143 (RS) to row 160 (WS)

C1: 1 extra RS row (see pattern notes) Row 161 (extra RS)

C2: 4 rows Row 162 (RS) to row 165 (WS)

C3: 1 extra RS row Row 166 (extra RS)

C2: 3 rows Row 167 (RS) to row 169 (RS)

C3: 7 rows Row 170 (WS) to row 176 (WS)

C2: 2 rows Row 177 (RS) to row 178 (WS)

C3: 16 rows Row 179 (RS) to row 194 (WS)

C4: 2 rows Row 195 (RS) to row 196 (WS)

C3: 14 rows Row 197 (RS) to row 210 (WS)

C4: 2 rows Row 211 (RS) to row 212 (WS)

C2: 2 rows Row 213 (RS) to row 214 (WS)

C4: 18 rows Row 215 (RS) to row 232 (WS)

C3: 2 rows Row 233 (RS) to row 234 (WS)

C4: 4 rows Row 235 (RS) to row 238 (WS)

C2: 1 extra RS row Row 239 (extra RS)

C4: 12 rows Row 240 (RS) to row 251 (WS)

C3: 4 rows Row 252 (RS) to row 255 (WS)

C1: 2 rows Row 256 (RS) to row 257 (WS)

C5: 6 rows Row 258 (RS) to row 263 (WS)

C2: 2 rows Row 264 (RS) to row 265 (WS)

C5: 14 rows Row 266 (RS) to row 279 (WS)

C1: 1 extra RS row Row 280 (extra RS)

C5: 11 rows Row 281 (RS) to row 291 (RS)

145 sts.

Bind off on WS row in 2-stitch I-cord, as follows:

BO row: Sl1p wyf, k2togtbl, *slip the 2 sts from RH to LH needle, k1, k2togtbl, rep from * until all sts on LH needle have been worked, slip rem 2 sts from RH to LH needle, k2togtbl.


Fasten off.

Block the shawl to measurements.

Weave in remaining ends.

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