How to Knit a Cuddly Soft Baby Blanket

Hello friends! I am here again today with some extra knitting patterns. I hope you enjoy all of them and pick up those knitting needles to have some fun. Let’s learn how to knit a cuddly soft baby blanket that will beautifully wrap that little angel. You can definitely sell these blankets and gift out to friends and family. Have fun!

Materials needed:

  • yarn
  • size 8 knitting needles

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Connie Butkovich
Feb 26, 2022 06:43 AM

how much yarn do you need?

Leyla Connie Butkovichreplied to
Feb 26, 2022 12:36 PM

how much yarn do you need?

Hello 😊

Depends on the size of blanket. Here is an approximate yardage chart for the worsted weight yarn:
-Stroller: 400 yards total for 22 x 28

-Baby: 700 yards total for 28 x 34

-Small: 1000 yards total for 34 x 40

-Medium: 1300 yards total for 36 x 46

-Large: 1600 yards total for 42 x 52