Chunky Knitted Snowman

It’s winter and it’s definitely time for those snowmen to come out and show how they can dance. Today we’re going to make the chunky knitted snowman with his carrot nose, his simple smile and his hat and scarf for extra warmth. This will make an amazing toy to gift out also and it’s super easy to make. Don’t trust me? Well, click on the link below and I’m sure you will agree that it’s easy.

Materials needed:

  • Yarn
  • Size us 19/15mm circular needles for snowman shown or size us35 /19mm for a larger snowman
  • Size 19 double-pointed needles for arms or size 35 for a larger snowman.
  • Size 19 straight needles for the scarf (you could also use any large size needles).
  • Size 8 (or any small size) double-pointed needles for the nose.
  • 5-6 skeins of chunky yarn (depending on the size of your yarn).
  • Yarn for hat, scarf, and nose.
  • Black yarn for embroidery mouth.
  • 2 buttons for eyes.

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